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2020 - The Year you say 'I Do'

We are soon approaching the end of the first quarter of 2020, what a whirlwind it’s been already. If you’re reading this then 2020 is a big for you and you’re getting married in a matter of months! So whilst the countdown is on, I have put together a blog post to keep in touch with you, offer you some of my professional advice and to hopefully help you prepare for the big day.

Whilst you may still be squabbling over wedding playlists, how much you’re spending on last minute panic buys and whether you need more confetti. Let’s start with where you’re at with the planning process. So you’ve now received your RSVP’s you’re collating dietary requirement and putting together your seating plan. Seating plans aren’t an easy one so the only advice I can give you on that is make sure you’re doing it with a large Gin/Whiskey in your hand.

This is the time for lots of admin, you’re inbox is probably full as well as your brain. Here’s a little checklist of those things that will be included in that…

Discuss final plans with the Florist

Finalise your catering and choose your menu

Arrange seating plans

Book final Bridal Gown fittings

Confirm bookings with all suppliers and obtain everything in writing.

Purchase a Guest Book

Order all Wedding Stationery for the table, such as a Table Plan, Order of Service and Menus

Create a running order for the ceremony and reception to give to the appropriate people

Attend a rehearsal for your Wedding

Give caterer or reception venue the final headcount including any dietary requirements

Write your speech or toast

Pick up your Wedding Rings

Pack for your Honeymoon (If traveling straight after the Wedding)

Book beauty ahead of the big day if required

What I really want this blog post to be about is the questions/answers you need to know from me as your wedding photographer. These are common topics I usually discuss and advice I’d like to offer if you haven’t yet thought about it.

1. Choosing your bridal prep room wisely

For the best photos choose a room with large windows, lots of space and clean neutral decor. Probably something you’ve already made a decision on but be sure you’re thinking of imagery when considering this. Yes mums house may be a little closer to the venue but is her sitting room painted red or the kitchen renovation only half done? Make sure it can also fit everyone in, you will have your maids, parents, hair & makeup artists and me in there. Also keep it tidy! A lot of the time when I arrive you’ve all been up and getting ready for a couple of hours and everyone’s stuff is in one room, have a room dedicated for everyone’s bags to go in, and give someone the fun job of keeping on top of it. You don’t want plastic bags, water bottles and half eaten sandwiches in the background of your images.

2. Bridal Prep Timeline

I will be there two hours before we leave for the ceremony. I am there to photograph the morning naturally, and you want enough time for portraits of you without the stress of time. Have your most trusted bridesmaid be your timekeeper. Allow them to keep everyone on time so you don’t miss out on photos. I always say to start getting into your dress an hour before you need to leave.

3. Flat Lays

You’ve all seen them on my Instagram, an important little detail that I add to bridal prep, for when I arrive please have gathered together all the details I include in these shots:

Invitation Suite



Hair Accessories




Button Holes


And any other important details.

Some brides add details like the wax seal that was on the invites, the ring box you were proposed to with, a trinket dish that belongs to your grandma, a brooch that will attach to your bouquet, a locket with missed loved ones pictures or a handkerchief with a personalised message. There is endless details to add to personalise your wedding accessories. BUT don’t go and panic buy even more, I bring things like ring boxes, a coat hanger, trays and silks to help style and tell the story.

4. Group Shots

This part is a decision you and your partner will come to on your own, the advice I give is to try and keep these to a minimal, they can take up some time but here’s some ways to keep them smooth. Limit to around 8-10 photos.

Write me a list with names and their relationship to you. e.g Sue & Phil (Mum & Dad).

Dedicate a groomsman to also have the list, they can help shout the names and line up the next group whilst I’m photographing. Please note the list does not need to include bridesmaids/groomsmen as they are a given.

Group you family together, rather than separating aunties and uncles cousins etc, keep them all to one photo.

Take the photographers lead, is it too sunny and need to be scheduled in later? If I need to stand you under a tree in the shade rather than facing the sun, trust my instructions.

Is your group shot list getting too big? Think of some shots than can be more informal and have them separate, maybe you want a group shot with work friends or cousins, we can do an informal one in the evening whilst the party is in full swing. Although group shot lists are a must, don’t get too carried away and start writing every moment you’d like me to capture, I will be there to capture everything unfold naturally and a detailed list will draw attention away from what’s happening in front of me.

5. The Weather

We can’t control it, all I say is be open for photo time schedules to be moved around, we can go and do your couple session when we get some sunshine, and group shots can be done inside if needed. The best thing is to not stress too much on it.

6. Second Photographer

Have you decided last minute you want photos of groom prep or an extra body to capture speeches, don’t worry if its not in you package, you can still add this on up to three weeks before the big day for an additional £200.

7. Meeting Me

If we haven’t already met, or maybe we have and you’d like to meet me again, we can meet for a coffee or gin and go over everything covered in this blog post face to face. Please know that weekends are now fully booked so availability is now only weekdays, it can be an evening meeting after you’ve finished work.

8. Itinerary

Yes a lot of us wedding vendors will ask for one, this way I can prepare when will be best for photos. Please give me detailed times from when hair and makeup starts to when the band begin.

9. Food

Will I be fed a supplier meal? If not, please let me know as I can prepare food or allocate time to leave your wedding whilst you eat to get myself food. If you are supplying a supplier meal please ask the caterers to provide the meal with your starters, this way I have time to eat and backup my work. Please note I am vegetarian.

10. Photo Booth

11) Dedided you want our photo booth? Remember you get 20% off Palm Booth Studio, making it a huge £100 discount. Contact us for more details and availability.

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