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Golden Hour Couple Sessions

Think late summer, soft golden light and warm evenings. Do you miss it yet already? Couples sessions/engagement shoots/ pre-wedding shoots are a perfect opportunity to meet with your photographer before the big day and feel at ease about your posing, the photographers direction and how you will work together on the day.

I love posing couples, I have lots of go to prompts and poses to capture you both romantically and beautifully on your wedding day. People say they don't want posed photos but what they actually mean is they don't want awkwardly posed photos. Saying to someone "act natural" in front of a camera is going to get every reaction but natural. Thats why it's best for your photographer to have a little routine or strong ideas of posing to give you the prompts you need to make your photos naturally romantic.

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot allows us more time you will have than your wedding day to really perfect those sunset strolls and Eskimo kisses. I give my couples slight direction and allow movements to flow rather than stop/starting motions. Kind of like a dance routine... Ok not that scary lets show you how natural I mean...

The lovely Kirsty & Jason had their pre-wedding shoot a couple of weeks before their wedding day. I had met them both previously to their shoot so by the time it was their wedding day it was like we knew each other well and we were all relaxed with each other. This couple were so lovely and sometimes we meet these people that will stick with us forever, their day was so personal, full of love and LOADS of amazing children. They celebrated at Swancar Farm on a Sunday and it couldn't have been a better and relaxed atmosphere.

Kirsty's words to me after their big day were so lovely and Jason even admitted to some tears when he saw these pre shoot photos.

"I just want to say a massive thank you for everything, you are such and amazing photographer and person. Nothing was too much. Thank you again"


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