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The Art Of Flat Lay's

What are flat lay's? Some of you may be asking, well they are items laid on a flat surface photographed from above or what you may call a birds eye view.

But what are fine art flat lay's in weddings terms? They re so very important in your wedding photography album. These details shots are an extremely versatile art of still life. I love keeping them simple, minimalist, romantic and of course pretty.

On your wedding morning when I arrive at the venue around 2 hours before your ceremony is due to start you will be in the middle of hair/makeup and everyone will be busy getting themselves glammed up. I will ask you a few nights before you wedding to gather all your important details, pretty accessories together in one place so when I arrive I can get straight to creating magic.

Items I ask you to gather -



Hair Accessories



Invitation Suite


Button Holes


And any other important details.

Some brides add details like the wax seal and stamp that was on there invites, the ring box he proposed to you with, a trinket dish that belongs to your grandma, a brooch that will attach to your bouquet a locket with missed loved ones pictures or a handkerchief with a personalised message. There is endless details to add to personalise your wedding accessories.

Theses details all together perfectly show the style of your day, when you've spent numerous evenings deciding which shoes you want to wear, carefully selecting your colour palette for your florals and spending hours wiring your invite addresses there really is no better way to remember all these details.

Flat lays allow me to release my love for editorial style and soft romantic set ups.

Flay lay's aren't just for brides you know...

Groom's details are just as important.


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